DIY Website Legal Forms


If you are looking to create legal forms online for your website, then you’ve come to the right place. The Legal Forms Generator creates essential legal forms which include a Privacy Policy form for your website, a Refund Policy form, an Affiliate Program Agreement, and a Legal and Policies form. The last one embodies 8 different legal documents such as the Terms and Conditions of Use, Anti-spam policy and Health Disclaimers, allowing you to have a comprehensive set of legal documents. The best part about this legal forms generator is that it creates these forms in a matter of minutes!


What are the benefits of creating DIY legal forms using this software, you might wonder? Here are a few benefits and features that make this software stand apart:

Up To Date

Fast and Efficient

-This software is up to date with all the new laws and policies that circulate the business world. So, by using it to create policy documents, you ensure that your documents are compliant with appropriate laws and regulations which are currently relevant.
-Once you use the legal forms generator, you can convert your existing documents to legal policy documents and provide services faster and more efficiently. This saves you massive amounts of time as you don’t sit down and manually enter all the information.

Saves Time and Money


-You also end up doing high-value work. Instead of hiring a lawyer to draft your documents, you can save money and reduce the amount of time spent on these administrative tasks, allowing yourself to focus on your business.
-There’s also the matter of improving document accuracy. Changes in laws and policies can affect your legal forms so in order to incorporate these changes fast and accurately, you should use an online legal forms generator.

Builds Credibility


-The right legal forms also build credibility with your customers. This ultimately translates to increased sales and better business. When a customer visits a website and sees the legal forms and policies on it, he or she has increased confidence in the company.
-The software is also compatible with different operating systems so you don’t need to worry if you’re a Windows or an Apple user; it’ll serve you equally well.

Easy Access

Licensed Forms

-This software is easy to access. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go!
-The software features forms which are prepared by a qualified professional so you can trust these legal forms to not be risky or contain errors.

What Legal Forms Does Your Website Need?

  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Video & Audio Terms of Use
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • External Links Policy
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • DMCA Notice
  • Return Policy
  • Health Disclaimers
  • Affiliate Compensation Disclosure
  • Affiliate Program Agreement